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We hire practical and replica firearms, emergency services costumes and associated props solely to the Film, TV, Commercials and Theatre industry.

  • To process the order we require a purchase order (PO) with full company details. 

  • ​You will need to send a copy of the company's insurance that covers the hire of wardrobe and props for TV and Film.  

  • We require payment in full either before or on collection. 

  • For security purposes we require photo ID when hiring a Police uniform.  

*We accept cash, debit card or credit cards (4.55% surcharge for use of a credit card)


When hiring replica firearms we also require a PO, insurance and payment however, in addition we need; ​

  • On collection we will take a photocopy of the hirer's passport or driving license, we will retain a copy for our records.

  • Police must be informed when filming with replica weapons, and a CAD number may be required.

  • If at any time replicas are to be seen by the general public one of our armourers must be present. An extra fee will apply.

  • The hirer must collect and return the goods in a private vehicle. NOT public transport or taxi.The hirer will sign a release form and take a copy to keep with the replicas at all times. This is in case the police stop and search the person, we have a record of who has possession of the weapon and can verify that for the police.

  • All replica weaponry must be concealed from view at any time whilst being transported.

    *The hirer will be responsible for the weapons at all times when they are not on Foxtrot’s premises.​

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